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Every friday a new word, a new challenge: It keeps me illustrating.

24 april 2014

IF natural


some drawings I made in...
I think...
in 1990.
It's my son 
and his imaginary horse 


Natural horsemanship 
is about being a friend
and a trustworthy leader
never force the horse
never use power or violence
always be gentle and patient

10 april 2014

IF survival

                          Sometimes a quiet walk can change into a serious survival trip

The end


2 april 2014

IF Sizzle


Tears for diner:
cook a meal
add some fresh tears
for a sizzling goodbye

27 maart 2014



I thought lady in red
I thought apple, fox, lobster, robin
I thought fire, passion
I thought dance

20 maart 2014

3 recipes

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click to enlargehttp://www.theydrawandcook.com

5 maart 2014

IF Voice

He was born like this, he had no choice
he was born with the gift of a golden voice

Sis and me
are Mr Cohen's
biggest fans!

27 februari 2014

IF Space


I had tea with the moon last night
She shone big, she shone bright
In awe I looked up and smiled
but I was not in her sight
A soft 'hello madam', I tried
but her face was blank and white
After a long while I sighed
and her eyes shimmered with slight
Look at me, Luna, I cried!
But her lips stayed shut tight

Space was lonely and quiet
till I felt the rays of daylight