Mijn foto
Every friday a new word, a new challenge: It keeps me illustrating.

30 november 2014

four funny cards

Four funny cards, made of leftovers: scraps of papercuts and pimped up sketches.

Dream on

Be grateful

You carry me, I carry you

Leave a trail of love

26 november 2014


                                        Snails are slow, but the snails in my garden 
                                        let lettuce sprouts disappear very quickly!


                                             And now, let's do a slow turtle tango!

12 november 2014

IF- paper

Saterday morning we read the paper. Everything is chill, till... we notice a letter eater! Grrrrr

3 november 2014


When I walk with my nose in the air, pretending I am a queen, my dog threads calmly beside me. 
We operate as a team. Such a smooth walk gives me a triumphant feeling.

I think the sketch is better. Smoother!

30 oktober 2014


Years ago I made a story about a boy who is recovering from an illness. He is weak and bored, doesn't want to play, doesn't want to smile, but his mom pulls him out of that sulky attitude by engaging him in an adventure with self made sock puppets.

21 oktober 2014



breathe in, breathe out
let go of
troubles, worries, fears,
dark thoughts, old voices
that form clouded knots
in my head
hum a mantra
mo me mamo

15 oktober 2014



I find it hard to focus
on my work
I met an octupus
he protects me
he takes care of everything
he makes it easy
and I am happy